• Question: what is the most interesting thing you have done in your carer

    Asked by Mythology to Dmitry, Iulia, Katie, Ollie, Siobhan on 16 Mar 2017.
    • Photo: Iulia Motoc

      Iulia Motoc answered on 16 Mar 2017:

      I have done loads of things and it is difficult to say which one I think it was the most interesting. But if I would have to choose, I would say that being part of the core organising committee for the Teacher In-Service Program Week 2016 was the most interesting one.

      The event is a sort of outreach event, and we train teachers to teach hand-on activities in schools. When we started the event, we were aiming for 200 teachers to participate. When we had the event, we had a total of 650 teachers. The event took place in 15 different countries during a week in October, and we want to make it even bigger this year.

    • Photo: Dmitry Dereshev

      Dmitry Dereshev answered on 16 Mar 2017:

      Being blown away by all the advances in robotics is perpetually the most interesting thing that happens to me on almost daily basis 🙂

      Helping architecture students create an exhibition using Arduinos (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arduino) and smart materials was also quite an interesting project outside of my field.