Ollie Morris

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I went to Hardenhuish Secondary school in Chippenham, Welbeck Sixth form college where I studied all the geeky A Level subjects and University in Birmingham for my degree.


I have a batchelors degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Honours from Birmingham University. I did Maths, Electronics and Physics at A-Level and Computing at AS level. My favourite secondary school subjects were Maths, Science, Geography, D&T and PE.

Work History:

I have worked in the Army where I was trained to be an officer. After that I found a job in finance which was okay, but I found it a little boring. I was lucky enough to hear about my current job where I have been working for 18 months now

Current Job:

AUV Engineer


Salvage and Marine Operations

About Me

I’m energetic, ambitious and love a challenge!

Hi! I’m 27 years old and live in Bristol. I really enjoy living here and spend my spare time socialising with mates. I like to keep fit and healthy so I go running and indoor rock climbing.

I love being outdoors and often go hiking and trekking. Last year I trekked for 13 days in the Himalayas and reached Everest base camp (the bottom of the worlds tallest mountain) which was a real challenging but rewarding experience.

My work

Working with intelligent autonomous vehicles

I am an engineer responsible for the maintenance and operation of an AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle).

There are are many different types of vehicle that work under the sea, the obvious ones are submarines which have people inside to control them. There are ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) which are unmanned vehicles controled from the surface using a big cable (tether) usually from a ship and are “piloted” and operated by around 5 people. As technology has progressed we are able to operate vehicles without the need of a cable, these range from very small “sea snakes” that can provide camera footage. Sea gliders that can travel huge distances in the water for periods up to 11 months collecting environmental data. And small AUVs which can dive in shallow or costal waters for a few hours at a time. I however work on a more sophisticated AUV which can operate deep in the sea and provide data about the seabed.

My Typical Day

No day is the same

One of the things I love about my job is that no day is the same.

I spend some of the year working at sea on a ship that we use to deploy our vehicle. On board I may do things like maintenance, mission planning and data analysis.

When I’m not at sea, I am either working in an office or a workshop. I share an office with a lot of other people all doing different things. I can be involved with setting of contracts to make sure I can buy spare parts; part of safety workshops – ensuring people are aware of the dangerous aspect of working with machines; planning and writing maintenance procedures; and many other things.

As I am responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle as well, I often spend time in a workshop taking things apart and changing the oil or other components. Sometimes we may damage equipment when at sea, when this happens I fix it.

What I'd do with the money

Don’t eat a Raspberry Pi

If I win, I would like to use the money to buy some raspberry pi’s or something similar. I would use these in a class/workshop to teach people in schools how to program. We would make simple programs for these circuit boards and make them play tunes, control motors and robots and other exciting things

My Interview

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Fun, ambitious, professional

Who is your favourite singer or band?


What's your favourite food?


What is the most fun thing you've done?

Trekked to Everest base camp. It took 13 days, it was really tough walking with reduced oxygen above 5000m but it was the most amazing experience to stand at the bottom of the worlds tallest mountain. I also raised £1600 for charity doing it!

What did you want to be after you left school?

Army Officer

Were you ever in trouble at school?

Yes – lots. I was the class joker and was constinatly being told to be quiet.

What was your favourite subject at school?


What's the best thing you've done as an engineer?

Recovering the AUV in stormy conditions. We were out of sight of the land and the weather had become stormy. Usually it would be too stormy to operate the vehicle but we needed to recover it before it got worse. I was the most experienced on board to complete the recovery. This was exciting, I was very nervous at the time as this could have easily gone wrong and the chance of damaging the vehicle was high. But I did it, I was so relieved and felt very proud.

If you weren't an engineer, what would you be?

An explorer

Tell us a joke.

Two antennas got married – the wedding was rubbish, but the reception was outstanding

Other stuff

Work photos:

The first photo shows the equipment we use placed on the back of a ship. myimage1

This next photo shows one of the little boats we use, they’re fun to be on but you get very wet!! myimage2