Thank you from your winner – Ollie!

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We asked Ollie to tell us about winning I’m an Engineer, and here is what he said…

WOW, I really didn’t expect to win “I’m an Engineer get me out of here” especially as I had such great competition. So a big shout out to Siobhan, Mateusz, Katie, Lulia and Dmitry in the robotics zone.

So the event really felt like a game of two halves, with answering questions posted to my profile and attending the live chat rooms. The live chats were 30 minute blocks of chaos and comedy with a class of school children let loose in an online chat room with an engineer or three. The Moderators “Mods” did a really good job of keeping the conversation on topic and relevant, but when you have around 30 students posting you questions you need to be able to stand the heat and try to answer as many as possible before the time runs out. I really enjoyed spending time to answer the questions that were posted to me, I could think a lot longer about my response and hopefully give the best reply possible. I have definitely been able to improve my communication skills by avoiding technical jargon and trying to tailor it to the target audience.

This has been the first time I have been involved with any STEM outreach work, but the friendly and encouraging staff that run the event helped me through giving me advice along the way. I am so pleased I took part and that is a massive credit to the students that asked me the funny, creative and challenging questions throughout the event. So WELL DONE and thank you so much for voting for me as your favourite engineer I am really honoured.

I look forward to more engagement with schools and students local to me. I will take some time to work out what I will do but I want to teach how to make a simple robot or teach how to use a more complex one.


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